“Natural face and body mists, handmade on our family farm”

Our mission is to make all natural skincare products of the highest possible quality for you and your family that have healing properties and feel great.

We use fresh plants harvested locally, fresh mountain water from our well to distill essential oils & hydrosols using our Copper Alembic Still that was handmade by master craftsmen in Portugal (pictured below). 

This type of still has its origins in Greece around 300 BC and has been in use widely since the 11th century. We use a copper still (instead of stainless steel) because copper affords the most accurate product - absorbing sulphur containing compounds.

Copper Alembic Still


"Our natural ingredients and handmade care and attention results in quality products that you can trust for yourself and your family."

Using only fresh local ingredients and a copper still takes longer and costs more, but we know that handmade care and attention results in great products that our customers can trust. We aren’t concerned with making our products faster or cheaper.  Our focus is solely on the highest possible quality.

Misting Face


The Benefits of our Handmade Mists


 Hydrosol Word Cloud

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