“Natural soap, handmade with fresh milk from our goats on our family farm”

Our mission is to make all natural skincare products of the highest possible quality for you and your family that have healing properties and feel great.

Our superb milk profile is why our milk bath is so luxurious.  Our award winning dairy goats breathe fresh mountain air, drink fresh mountain water from our well, and eat high quality fresh alfalfa grown by our neighbors.  The result is milk that a visiting Le Cordon Blue Chef rated as having a “superb milk profile”. This superb, fresh goat milk is the critical ingredient in our Goat Milk Bath.

"Our natural ingredients and handmade care and attention results in quality products that you can trust for yourself and your family."

Our artisanal products are a rare find, we have a simple supply chain that we value - wherever possible we use local ingredients.  It takes longer and costs more, but we know that handmade care and attention results in great products that our customers can trust. We aren’t concerned with making our products faster or cheaper.  Our focus is solely on the highest possible quality.



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